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SBS Friction is entering karting.

For many decades SBS has build experience with motorcycle race, and many World Champions have crossed the checkered flag with SBS brake pads. SBS has specialised  producing high quality brake pads for racing, and over the years they have gained special know-how about high performance friction solutions that can lead to a World Championship. SBS is working determinedly to find the final tenth in brake pads for karting.

SBS – Scandinavian Brake System - develops and produces brake parts and friction technology for motorcycles, scooters and other two-wheeled vehicles. The company was founded in 1964.

Since 2016 SBS has completed serious and exhaustive tests for karting, and now SBS is ready to introduce the perfect friction solution for karting.

SBS Friction has a strong market position based on high technological know-how, innovation, self-production, high delivery reliability and, not least, products that meet the market's highest requirements for performance, safety and durability. is looking so much forward launching high performance brake pads for karting.