I have been a go-kart mechanic for seven years, and I was a little sceptical when I tested the brake pads from SBS the first time. Today I am telling every go-kart driver I meet, that there are no better brake pads on the market. Brake pads from SBS last up to 3-4 times longer than the original products I used before, and over-heating is no longer a problem. It gives a high degree of confidence for both the driver and the mechanic.

There is no doubt that the SBS brake pad is a high-end quality product, that you can rely on. In the long run I save a lot of money, because the compound is long-lasting compared to brake pads from other suppliers. I recommend brake pads from SBS to all go-kart drivers that give performance, safety, price and durability a high priority.

Ole Keller, mechanic



Since I started go-kart racing fourteen years ago, I have tried several brake pads from other brands. The last two years I have tested karting brake pads from SBS and the durability is what surprises me the most.

 SBS told me that it was a high quality and very long-lasting brake pad, and my first thought was: “Ok – if the brake pad is long-lasting, it can not brake!!”. I was wrong. The brake pads are long-lasting, and last up to 3-4 times longer than other products, and even better - the brake pads from SBS are high-performing and more reliable than the original brake pads.

Mads E. Hansen, go-kart driver.