Cookie and privacy policy

Information we collect

KartingBrakes.Com take care of your personal information. We do not collect sensitive personal information and we only collect personal information in order to give our users better service and a better user experience.

We collect personal information in the following ways:

1) Information you give to us, e.g. in connection with an order given on or subscribing to a newsletter.

2) Information which we receive through your use of our services, such as your search behaviour on our website or web-shop, or when you interact with our digital advertising.

When it comes to information you give us in connection with orders, these are the details we ask for:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Address
  • email
  • Country

Your personal information is registered on in order to deliver the product you have ordered and to comply with requirements for electronic invoices. When we make use of data about your behaviour, it usually comes from the following sources:

A cookie is a term for the registration of a user’s behaviour on a network with the user (on the user’s hard disc).
This means that the server (KartingBrakes.Com) knows at the user’s next visit who the user is.
Cookies are used by KartingBrakes.Com to optimize the website and its functions, and thus to make visiting as convenient as possible for you.

You can always delete cookies from your computer. You can do it for example like this:
To delete cookies in Internet Explorer, Select Tools via the Gear Icon > Safety > Delete browsing history.

Device and log details

We collect unit‐specific information, such as the operative system, and whether you are visiting us via a computer or a mobile phone, and we log your IP address and your search queries.

Location details
When you use KartingBrakes.Com, we can collect and process information about your current location. We use various technical tools to determine location, such as your IP address and GPS.

How we use the data we collect
 We use the data we have collected to provide you with tailored content – for example to give you the most relevant search results or advertising.
 In order to tailor these solutions, we pass on your personal information to a number of our trusted business partners. Our partners process data for us according to our instructions and in compliance with our privacy policy. All business partners are subject to data processor contracts which are compliant with the EU regulation on personal data. Our business partners will never be able to contact you directly or to make use of your data for other purposes.

We always ask for consent before we use your data for any purpose other than those stated in this privacy policy.

If you would like insight into the data we have about you please contact us.

As a user on you are always entitled to object to registration of data about you. You are also entitled to see which details are registered about you. These are your rights according to the Data Protection Act. However, if you want data to be deleted, we draw your attention to the fact that various functions of and other services will no longer function or be accessible.

You can always ask the name of the person responsible for data on